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What is ames taping?

Ames Taping dries far quicker than new plasterwork and produces a smooth surface ready to be decorated by the painters.

Summarised in layman’s terms, it has two purposes. Ames taping is fire and smoke protection, and also an alternative to plastering which is being increasingly used in new house building contracts since originating in the late 1930’s.

The work can be done by automatic drywall taping tools or by hand, dependant on the size of the job. The tape and joint cement is only applied to the plasterboard joints and screw holes rather than the whole area, resulting in a smaller percentage of materials being used than traditional plastering. The finished product leaves the walls and ceilings seamless, smooth and ready to decorate.

It’s currently a popular choice for property developers due to being tidier and more economical which is ideal when you have deadlines and tight schedules to meet. It can increase your productivity as ames taping currently produces the highest quality, most cost effective method of finishing walls and ceilings.

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